One Sixty - Best Smokehouse & BBQ in Tallinn


One Sixty’s story began 4 years ago when 3 creative minds merged. A Michelin restaurateur, top chef and craft beer enthusiast got together to create a BBQ and smokehouse in north London’s Hampstead.


David Moore, Andrei Lesment and Sean Martin were inspired by meat smoking traditions in the American South. Using these influences, they created a menu with a twist on some local specialties.


The name One Sixty refers to the ideal temperature 160°F. Cooking at this temperature in a custom made pit allows the meat to be nicely smoked low and slow for at least 8 hours. The idea was born in Tallinn, and hosted under the roof of Renard Speed Shop to create a unique dining spot in harmony with an outstanding culinary experience.  It’s a place for those who truly value independent lifestyle, the spirit of camaraderie and good, honest food.

No sophistication, no fancy glassware or white tablecloths you’re afraid to drop sauce onto. Meat, beer and whiskey. Just simple, straightforward and all round perfect dishes alongside robust drinks that you’re sure to remember.

How many great things have started from a garage? One Sixty Estland is one of them. It all began in summer 2017 when Andrei Lesment and Andres Uibomäe met in Renard Speed Shop. Sharing a common passion of beautiful and unique motorcycles, they soon teamed up to launch a new project. One Sixty was soon born under the creative vision of these two entrepreneurs. But like most good things, it’s built on a community of friends, family and supporters. The team are a visionary bunch, dedicated to trying new ideas and making beautiful food happen.




One Sixty

Telliskivi 62,

Tallinn, 10412



tel.: +372 6 019 007



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